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Exchanges and Returns

There might be a time when you've requested a product for the wrong platform (Mac instead of Windows), or we shipped the wrong one, or the donation may have arrived damaged. If you notify us as soon as possible, we may be able to approve an exchange or refund for the administrative fee. This page provides guidelines for when exchanges and returns may happen and how to go about requesting them.

General Guidelines for Exchanges and Returns

Downloadable Products and Subscriptions

Product donations that are downloaded over the Internet through electronic software distribution (ESD) or online subscription services cannot be exchanged or refunded. We must consider these installed and in use as soon as the request is fulfilled and the administrative fee is paid.

Installation Discs

When you receive a shipment of software from TechSoup, please examine the contents of the box before you open the manufacturer's packaging to make sure your request has been fulfilled correctly.

An exchange or return of installation discs may be approved if

  • The discs arrived damaged or defective, even if they have been opened
  • The product is boxed, or supplied as unboxed CDs or DVDs, under the following circumstances
    • You have not opened the original packaging (shrink wrapping)
    • You received the discs no more than 60 days ago
    • The box or disc is not one of several that were donated as a bundle
  • The disc shipped is for the wrong operating system platform (Mac instead of Windows)

Hardware and Special Exceptions

Some donation programs have special guidelines for exchanges and returns. Some also have special warranties and instructions for hardware product's end-of-life.

Requesting an Exchange or Return

If you need to request an exchange or a return please contact TechSoup Customer Service. Your request will be reviewed based on the guidelines above and, if approved, further instructions will be provided.

Refund Policy

Refunds for returned products will be issued using the same method of payment that was used for the original request. Credit card refunds will be issued within five business days of receipt of the returned items. Check refunds will be mailed within six to eight weeks of receipt. We are unable to apply credit from returns to new donation requests at this time.